NFUT CUP rules

This cup is intrinsically linked to the leagues, i.e. only teams that have registered for a league, regardless of their division, can participate in the cup. The NFUT Cup reward pool is obtained by using 15% of the total pool of the divisions, so the two are related. Playing in the league guarantees you access to play in the NFUT Cup, but in no case will the NFUT Cup be obligatory in order to follow the second round of the league normally.


  • Dates: The NFUT CUP will be played on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) that divides the first round from the second round of a league.


  • Fixtures: These are not fixed in terms of time and duration, these could be for example:

Preliminary round: Saturday from 18:00Hs to 22:00Hs (UTC)

Final Round: Sunday from 18:00hrs to 22:00hrs (UTC)


  • Registration: You can play the NFUT Cup with the same team registered in the league but you cannot register new players in the NFUT Cup; you can register new players in the league to participate in the NFUT Cup.


  • Qualification: Only the first 4 teams from each group in each division will advance to the next round.


  • Mode: The cup will be in group mode:

Preliminary round: All against all teams in the same division.

Final round: All against all finalists.


  • Reward pool: 15% of the proceeds from the leagues will be allocated to the NFUT cup reward pool, this could vary depending on the number of divisions and groups that are created that season.


  • Rewards: All those who reach the final stages (Final Round) will receive a percentage reward in $NFUT (see table).