Tournament Rules


These tournaments will be created with the aim of offering great prizes for the winners.

The tournaments will be fully customisable in which users will be able to read the tournament rules in the same app:



At the beginning of each tournament a registration fee in $NFUTcoin must be paid, which must be acquired previously, and this will be destined to the reward pool.

Once the registration is done the player will have to choose which players will register to the tournament(take into account the limitations of the tournament, if any).


Tournaments will be fully customizable, in which users will be able to see all the information before signing up inside the app/game/tournaments:

  • Type of tournament(11vs11, 4vs4, 5vs5, etc...).

  • Limitations (X amount of cards platinum, gold, etc...)

  • Number of teams (short tournament 8, 16, 32, 64, round-robin, etc...)

  • Minimum amount of money to be collected

  • Limitations by type of NFTs (NFT, VirtualNFT, DEMOpacks, RENTpack, etc...)


Example of how the features of a tournament look in the APP






Rewards will be distributed 85% to the teams placing in the top X places and 15% to the StockShare reward pool.

(On the main tournament screen you will be able to see the amount collected as well as the allocations to the participants).



Technical support




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