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IMPORTANT: In case of not claiming the rewards in the window of each month, the user will lose his unclaimed benefits at the close of the window, and his Stock Share score will go to 0%, consequently he will have no score for the next window.

More info: ➡️ Stock Share



(Coming soon)


NFUTCards guarantees that it will never offer assets of any kind for sale on the marketplace, which means that this marketplace will be regulated solely and exclusively by the users.

More info: ➡️ Market Transfer


Assets ( NFTs - virtual NFTs )


  • NFUT Badges

  • NFUT Shirts

  • NFUT Players

  • NFUT Coaches

  • NFUT Stadiums

  • NFUT Line-ups

  • NFUT Add-ons

  • NFUT Referee (Referees)

  • Other collections to be released at a later date for the game.

More info: ➡️ Link to NFUT Assets infographics


Rewards and




All rewards within NFUT are handled through $NFUTcoin.